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Moving Check List

One month before moving
  • Schedule the mover
  • Arrange for transportation of vehicles and pets
  • Submit change of address forms to the U.S. Postal Service
  • Contact new schools and arrange for transfer of records
  • Notify your doctors and get referrals for new doctors
  • Give the landlord notice in writing, if necessary
  • Compile a list of important new phone numbers
  • Get recommendations for banks, lawyers, accounts and religious institutions in your new area
  • Lighten your load: donate unwanted items to charity or hold a garage sale
  • Begin packing items not often used
  • Two weeks before moving
  • Arrange for changeover/disconnection of utilities
  • Coordinate with newspaper companies to cancel old deliveries and start up a new subscription
  • Measure your new home, and start to determine where youíll place furniture
  • Fill and transfer prescriptions
  • Find out about your new stateís driver and auto licensing procedures, if applicable
  • Inquire about changing your voter registration
  • Keep packing!
One week before moving
  • Keep packing!
  • Inform friends and relatives of your new address and phone number
  • Get cleaning supplies ready
  • Confirm arrangements with moving and storage companies, as well as auto and pet transportation companies
  • Transfer bank accounts
  • Pack items to be carried in the car (donít forget toys and games for the kids)
  • Pack yard and shed itemsÖdonít forget to drain fuel and oil from lawnmowers and power equipment and dispose of all other flammable items
  • Drain water from garden hoses
One day before moving
  • Clean refrigerator and defrost the freezer
  • Set aside fragile items and valuables for special handling
  • Pack a box of basics for the next 24 hours (medicine, toiletry items, all-purpose household cleaners, food and water, etc.)
Moving day
  • Take movers for a last-minute walk through and identify items that require special handling
  • Double-check to make sure windows are closed, closets are empty, lights are out, and doors are locked
  • Leave keys and garage door openers for new owners or tenants
  • Supervise placement of boxes and furniture at your new home
  • Make sure utilities and phones are working at your new home
  • Let family and friends know youíve arrived safely
  • Begin unpacking necessities
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